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Friday, June 02, 2006

Mashup of Tall Buildings

This is a proof-of-concept blog to show what can be done by combining 'my local guru' (www.mylocalguru.com) with a standard blog authoring tool, in this case Blogger. The aim is to produce something that could be described as a Google maps mashup without having to write any code. This blog takes as its subject matter 'tall buildings'.

The steps required to build this demo:

  • Create this blog
  • Register as a user on mylocalguru and add this blog as one of my feeds
  • Grab the map URL from mylocalguru for this feed/blog
  • Include the map URL in a blog post
    (use it as the src for an <iframe>, remembering to add the &iframe=1 parameter to the map URL)
  • Write blog posts about individual buildings and 'geotag' them ... then just sit back and let mylocalguru keep everything woven together.

Credits: for the purposes of this demo I have borrowed heavily from Wikipedia.


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